Agric ATM


Agric ATM seminars are designed to provide industry information in the agricultural value chain which is not readily accessible to the private sector and rural farmers because of the gap created by inadequate funding and training leading to the collapse of extension services in Nigeria.

These seminars address issues as:

  • Climate Smart Farming (Crop Migration)
  • Marketing and Markets Dynamics
  • Affordable irrigation farming
  • Start Small - Grow Big Principle 
  • Benefits of Private Sector Co-operative Farming
  • Converting Commodities to Products
  • Untapped Opportunities in the Nigerian and West African Agriculture
  • Other salient issues that has the potential of affecting profitability of any agricultural venture.



To become the catalyst in transforming the agricultural sector, to generate income higher than the oil and gas sector in Nigeria and Africa at large. 


  • To provide business advisory services and consulting. 
  • To provide training & seminars, leveraging on media. 
  • To provide updated information on adaptable technology, investment opportunities, production trends and cycles. 
  • To transform farm harvests from commodities to products and eventually brands.




Why Agriculture can be the new oil - #RubbinMinds

The Rubbin’ Minds studio opened this week with our usual analyst, Joachim MacEbong speaking with the show host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu on the state of the nation especially the security situation in the north eastern part of the country.

MacEbong talked about the military incursion and the high number of civilian casualties incurred in the process of dislodging militant Islamic insurgents from Baga, in Borno.


Mr African- farmer, formally known as Mr Afi-Oluwa Mogaji change his name when he won the NYSC farmer' Award for introducing bee keeping to Jigawa state.he is one major beneficiary of this scheme,He has been into full time farming since 2002.
He is the CEO of Xray farm consulting,hear him "i changed my name from AFI-OLUWA MOGAJI TO AFRICAN-FARMER MOGAJI in 2005 legally published and reflected in all my documents.