Green Gold. Agribusiness Opportunities, Insights and Profits (New Book)


New Year. New Book. New Project.

As I mark another year of purposeful living today and 21 years in agribusiness, I unveil my new project with utmost excitement. This new book, Green Gold, which was co-authored with my dad contains over 60years’ combined experience along different sectors of the agricultural value chain.

Get ready to be immersed in insights, opportunities and profits points that will move you into the league of high flyers in the agribusiness industry.

Green Gold is divided into two parts. Part Oneexposes you to the goldmine the agriculture industry is and shows yourare strategies to adopt for maximum profitability.

Part Two of the book was crafted by my co-author, Francis Mogaji, a former Group Managing Director of O’dua Group of Companies, renowned for turning around for good over seventy companies in the course of his career.  

For decades, hehas had a penchant for resuscitating businesses that are ‘gasping for breath’ and ‘almost dying’. Over and again, hehas brought such businesses from debt to profitability. In a space of five years, he turned around a company with 350 staffs to 4000 and from N110,000 account balance to over N200 million. 

Pa Mogaji graciously agreed to co-author this book to reveal proven strategies he deployed to turn around the agribusinesses he managed.

Green Gold will be launched in Lagos on November 29th,2018. To be one of the first set of people to own a copy of the book, kindly click the pre-order link below:

It may also interest you to know that proceeds from the sale of this book will be ploughed into the establishment of my new initiative, Green Collar Jobs, which will be unveiled on the day the book is launched.

Even if I have to say so, this game changing book is a must-read!

Remember to pre-order your copy of Green Gold now:

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