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Mogaji | Ashoka - Innovators for the Public


Although Nigeria is blessed with fertile soil, ample water supplies and a sizable labor force, the agricultural sector continues to underperform due to poor production practices and unutilized land and resources. Mogaji is making agricultural employment a viable and attractive livelihood for young Nigerians by connecting farmers with these unused resources and providing the extension support needed to modernize production, improve yields.



Mogaji is addressing the problem of agricultural under-production in Nigeria by empowering farmers with the land, tools and knowledge needed to modernize production and increase harvest yields. He has partnered with the government to access information on previously abandoned land and government equipment that could be used to expand agricultural production in Nigeria. Farmers lease these resources at a discounted rate. Although extension services exist, many farmers do not benefit from this overstretched and underfunded government program. Thus, Mogaji partners with extension workers to gain access to new knowledge and then organizes the farmers into small cooperative groups and shares innovations in seed types, production techniques and agricultural inputs with them. Mogaji is leveraging the available but unused agricultural infrastructure, and coupling it with training and support programs, to offer young Nigerians agricultural employment opportunities in rural areas.

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