Why Agriculture can be the new oil - #RubbinMinds

The Rubbin’ Minds studio opened this week with our usual analyst, Joachim MacEbong speaking with the show host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu on the state of the nation especially the security situation in the north eastern part of the country.

MacEbong talked about the military incursion and the high number of civilian casualties incurred in the process of dislodging militant Islamic insurgents from Baga, in Borno.

“We cannot even agree on death tolls. No one ever knows the real story,” he stated.

On the interview segment, we had Tolu Sunmonu of Harambe Nigeria and African Farmer, Folu Mogaji in the studios to deliberate on the day’s topic: ‘How Agriculture can be the new oil.’

Mogaji spoke about the prospects of dabbling into farming in the country saying the profession is just becoming profitable.

According to him, “I have been in agriculture for 17 years and it only recently became profitable.”

He called on young people to go into agriculture saying that is where the money is noting that most of the ones involved right now are doing it because they do not have alternatives.

“We need to make Agriculture attractive, show young people where the money is. 80 per cent of Agriculture students are only doing it because they had no choice.”

Tola Sunmonu spoke about making financial gains in the business of Agriculture saying the profit margins are higher in the distribution aspect.

Both show guests commended the policies of the government aimed at making agriculture attractive to prospective operators. They enjoined the Agriculture Minister to redouble his commitment at implementing the laudable policies of the ministry.

“Implementation has always been a challenge, I hope the minister pays attention this time,” Mogaji concluded.

On the second segment segment of the show, popular artiste, Chuddy K was in the house to talk about his music, career and his life.

Chuddy K said he started in the music industry by singing R & B but later had to adapt to demand of his fans.

“I and Wande Coal and five other dudes came out with our own group Salvation boiz.

“I started with R & B but had to diversify according to market tastes,” he said.

He thanked his fans and disclosed that his album, which will be a mixture of everything, will be released in July.

The artiste tried to address a controversial tweet he reportedly posted online which some fans found disturbing saying his phone “was hacked in Cyprus hence the gay tweet.”

With that tweet clarification, host, Obi-Uchendu brought the show to a close. Join us next week for another exciting episode of Rubbin’ Minds.


Release Date: 
Friday, May 17, 2013